Donald J Trump was feeling uneasy. In fact, he was feeling depressed. From his huge oval office window, he could see the beautiful Rose Garden lawn where his youngest son, Barron Trump was playing catch. Barron was playing catch with General Kelly, Donald’s new WhiteHouse Chief of Staff. Barron and General Kelly were having fun playing catch. When they were finished, General Kelly patted Barron on the back and put his arm around his shoulders. General Kelly was telling Barron Trump about his adventures in the Marine Corps. He was teaching Barron trump how to be a team player and to respect everyone, no matter who they were. He was teaching Barron Trump to especially respect people who were members of minority groups and telling him how important all those people are to our country.

At that moment, Melania Trump walked into the Oval Office and wondered why Donald Trump looked so sad.

Donald Trump told Melania how he wished Barron would play catch with him. “Why won’t Barron play catch with me?” asked Donald.

“Well”, Melania replied, Barron says you throw like a girl.

“What? Yelled Donald Trump in a very loud and a very angry voice. “Why would my own son say such a thing as that?”

“Barron says that you cannot properly hold the ball in your tiny hands. He says you push the ball like a girl and that you have no control. He has to chase the ball every time you throw it.”

This made Donald Trump HUGELY angry. Donald thru open the patio door that leads to the rose garden and called for Barron to come into the Oval Office immediately.

“What’s wrong? Asked Barron. You seem to be very angry.” Barron Trump thinks Donald Trump is always angry.

“Why do you play catch with General Kelly and not with me?” yelled the angry Donald Trump.

“Sorry dad. It’s just that General Kelly likes to have fun. He tells me great stories and funny jokes. You can’t tell jokes or have fun.”
Barron began to giggle “they’re mostly jokes about you.”

“What jokes?” Demanded Donald.

“Well, some are about how you can never remember what he tells you to say to the press. The best one was about the time someone turned the teleprompter upside down for a joke, so you couldn’t read it and how you were so angry that you walked off without saying anything or answering the reporter’s questions.”

Donald decided to change the subject.
“What are you studying in your incredibly wonderful, VERY expensive charter school for privileged, elite, white kids?” Donald asked.

Barron replied, “Right now, we’re learning about current affairs and politics.”

“Oh! So, it’s all about ME then. What a great subject” Donald proudly remarked.

“Well, it’s kind’a tough. All the kids want to know if you really are a fascist and a Nazi like their parents say you are.”

“Listen son. I can’t be a fascist. To be a fascist, your name has to end in ‘ini’, like Mussolini. Now there was a great leader. He really got things done. BIGLY! I think I’ll tell General Kelly to make me into a fascist. Then I could order the presidents of Mexico and Canada to give me some respect!”

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